Brain Damage Compensation

Brain injuries present some very specific issues with respect to diagnosis and litigation.Most brain damage compensation claims are high value and vital to the recovery or rehabilitation of the patient.

A compensation for brain damages depends on the following: the extent of physical restriction, life expectancy, the degree of insight, an independence, an ability to communicate, a behavioural abnormality, an epilepsy or a significant risk of epilepsy.

The extent of the injury and aforementioned factors affect the amount of compensation. For a very severe brain injury the award would be even about £200-£300.

Severe Brain Injury

In the case the moderately severe brain injury, compensation could fetch in the region of £1300 to £150.

Moderate Brain Injury

A brain injury to a moderate degree could fetch the the amount of £25,000 to £127,250. If people who have undergone a personality change, an effect on sight, speech and senses, significant risk of epilepsy and no prospect of employment, could be awarded a higher end of the scale.

Minor Brain Injury

The effects of a minor head injury can be anything but minor to the person concerned. They can include nausea, headaches, dizziness, impaired concentration, memory problems, extreme tiredness, intolerance to light and noise, and can lead to anviety and depression. When problems like this persist, they are often called post-concussion syndrome. In minor cases, a value of compensation could be in the region of £12,500 to £23,000.