Back injury

Back injury - general information

There are many different types of back injuries what may affect the amount of the money which you may get as the compensation. This difference in compensations range from £4,575 to £46,000. However, if the damage is very serious and leads paralysis or/and to impotency the amount of recived money may reach up to £98,500.

Disk lesions and fractured discs

In case of the disc lesions and fratured discs we may suffer from the agility difficulties or impaired sexual function. When the long-term suffering from the back injury leads to depression or even to the alkoholism you may also stand up for youself. In all this cases you may gain between £22,650 to £40,750. All the injures, which cause less demage to your phisical and psychical helth are also recompensable. The compensations for the accidents which e.g. caused the fracture of the lumbar range between £16,300 to £22,650.

Moderate back injuries

Disturbance of ligaments and muscles is also a helth problem which occurs often after hurting one's back. In fact people may suffer from the headaches for many weeks or monthes after the accident. The compensation which you will get in this cases is usually between £7,125 and £16,300.

Time of suffering

The time of the recovery is also taken under consideration in compensation investigation. When you stay in pain and suffer after the back injury for 5 years you may claim for £4,575 to £7,125. If you get over after 2 years you may get £4,575 award.