T Junction crash

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T Junction crash

I had a crash yesterday and I was wounding if people could me some advice on who is to blame for the crash.
I was driving up the road towards a t junction in a built up housing estate. I couldn't see either right or left because there were cars parked on the road ahead either side of the turning, including a big white van. I edged my car out until I could see just enough. I looked right then left, then a car from my right smashed in to the front of my car. Now seeing as I was stationary at the time I wonted to know were I stand as vision was low due to cars and one van and weather the other driver will be charged at all as the damage on my car ( bumper, radiator, ps wing, windscreen, 2 air bags, light, intercoiler, ect) was pretty bad which maybe he was going faster than 30mph..

Any advice would be great thanks


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Hey as usual everyone on here is chasing u to make a profit out of you without answering your question.

With regards to the vehicles parked either side of you we're they directly next to the junction and additionally were there line markings on the road such as double yellow lines which you typically find which indicate the minimum distance you are allowed to park to the junction.

With regards to liability it is going to be a close one due to so many variables when it comes to insurance. Your argument will be you couldn't see until a certain point.

The other party will have the same argument.

One of the main factors will be if the junction was signposted for the other vehicle indicating if the junction was there. If so then the driver of the other vehicle should have slowed due to parked vehicles hiding the junction which he would have been aware of. This in turn brings the argument of driving without due care and attention due to a person of reasonable firmness in that situation should have expected a car to be edging out for a clear view making him at fault.

I fear that this could be bit of a headache with regards to claiming but hopefully it will get sorted quickly for you.

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