Claiming for loss of dividends

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Claiming for loss of dividends

Hi I recently had an accident in which the other party is liable. I broke my leg, arm and damaged my shoulder. I was riding a motor bike and the other party driving a van. I have been hospitalised for a number of weeks  and since been largely incapacetated despite having been discharged.
The question I have is I own a limited company (landscape) and am the sole director, I do employ other people as operatives. They require continual guidance and instruction and cannot be left entirely to their own devices to get on with the job.
I structure my income by drawing a minimum wage on which no tax is liable and then draw company dividends on which a slightly lesser rate of tax is liable than would be the case if I paid it all to myself as a salary.
Minmum wage is about ?530/month.
Being the sole director of a small company in which the profit/dividends won't be generated with out me being able to work, and therefore there will be none to draw down.
I am being told that I can not claim for anymore than the minimum wage element if the company is unable to pay me this because I am unable to work.
What is the possition here ???