To claim or not to claim???

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To claim or not to claim???

Never having been through this before don't know if I should make a claim, buti was in a well known supermarket, and there was some spilt egg? Oil? Only about 3 foot away from the checkout, as a result I slipped.
I was just recovering from a sprained ankle 8 week ago, and this has torn the ligaments again! Filled in accident book, there was an elderly lady witness she told checkout girl about it but I didn't get her name as I was in too much pain checkout girl got me a seat and and water as I felt sick with the pain.
Elderly mum was with me at the time, she didn't see the slip, but she did see the egg? Oil? On floor that caused it and the amount of discomfort I was in as a result.
Went to hospital they re x ray it and said it now has a shard of bone showing  that it never had 8 wk ago!
Luckily I still have compression bandages and prescription pain killers to deal with it
do you think I should make a claim or will they say it was an existing injury?