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I have a car accident seven month ago. It was traumatic event for me and for my girlfriend.We was injureds. I broke my leg and my two cadges. My girlfriend boke her arm. We were taken to the hospital.  Now we wont claim compensation  for our damages. Accident  was not our fault, but there is some problem. The other party haven't an insurance. In this sytuation I haven't idea, who will paid my compensation. Next porblem ist that car was not mine. I have question How long I will wait for  compensation and how much I can get?
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You can claim against the other driver even if he was not insured. There is an
organisation called the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) who you can claim against. You
should have a solicitor to make that claim for you because the MIB have some rules
that it is easy to get wrong. The solicitor will know what needs to be done. You and
your girlfriend could have a valuable claim as you had nasty injuries. These cases
can take anything between 12 and 36 months to resolve. How much you get depends on
what the injuries were and what losses you have but from what you have said you
could claim several thousand pounds.