My spouse's loss of earnings due to my car accident

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My spouse's loss of earnings due to my car accident


couple weeks ago I had a car accident. I was not at fault and I have all details of third party involved in accident. Due to my injuries I was taken to hospital and released the next day. For a week I could not move and as it was half term my husband took a week of emergency unpaid leave to look after me and our 5 years old daughter.

My question is whether or not my husband can claim loss of earnings  as a part of my personal injury claim? I was trying to find out what exactly I am entitled to claim under PIC but still haven't found the straight answer.

Thank you for your help.

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Hope you have all reports including medical and police investigation report which will going to help you to make your claim simple and easy to get in shorter period of time but it might be difficult for you how to go for It before moving forward kindly take No Win No Fee Solicitors advice so that its become more easy to you to get maximum compensation claim. Feel Free to Contact ROAD INJURY EXPERTS SOLICITORS And Make Your Claim Even Easier.Road Injury Experts will be able to help you following a no-fault accident and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you suffer an injury as a result of your accident, it is quite possible that you may have to take a long period off work in order to recover from your injury. Obviously this time off work is due to no fault of your own, and it is not unreasonable for you seek compensation for this period of lost income.