Ambulance T-Junction Crash - who's at fault?

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Ambulance T-Junction Crash - who's at fault?

I was the driver of an ambulance responding to an emergency 999 call with blue flashing lights activated.

I was pulling right out of a T-Junction that had a giveway sign, the road was good & dry, no sun glare, the junction was on a straight and very open road with a 30mph speed limit.
As I pulled out of the junction there was a car approx 200-300yards approaching from my right, with such a great distance I found it safe to proceed, before crossing over onto the other side of the road I came to a complete stop, this was to ensure the traffic crossing my path had seen my Blues and intention to cross over - these cars had stopped and were giving way for me to proceed, as I look again to my right to make sure it was still safe the car that was approaching had suddenly attempted to swerve around me but the back of her car clipped my drivers front corner.

There were two witnesses who gave statements to police and stated they don't think I was at fault, the third party also admitted fault to my crewmate in the back of the ambulance but not infront of anyone else, the police were edging that it was my fault either.

I'm just looking for clarification to who is blameworthy?
I was clearly visible, the third party had much more space to brake than needed at 30mph and I was stationary past the giveway line.

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Judging from my 5 years experience, the liability will be settled on a 50 50 basis. Both parties held at fault. Your are entitled to your secondary payment from the third party insurance company.  Please let me process your claim. No Win No Fee basis. Personal Success Rate 99.7%