Accident at work, machine at fault.

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Accident at work, machine at fault.

I was at work one week ago when an almost fatal accident happened due to a machine fault on a quick hitch failed to lock and a set of forks fell from height on top of someone which broke their leg but if it wasn't for them wearing a hard hat would of been fatal!

After the accident they were air lifted to hospital after being giving substantial pain relief when trauma teams arrived on site where they were cleaned up and observed and medicated overnight ready for thertre, one week later, more meds, x-rays observation and great deal of pain the bandage has been removed, a nail was inserted through the broken bone and a muscle pulled up to mask the bear bone from the ankle and a skin graft to cover it all from upper thigh, the hospital won't use anti flammitories as these can lead to infection.

The wound is now covered with a dressing after allowing it to the fresh air for a while and removing some staples around the wound a back slab for support was made by plasterers as the splints they have would of lay on top of the wound and although physio is very minimal due to the swelling, alot of discomfort and pain seems to be caused and they have tried to drop medication dosages daily, the ankle of the other leg is covered by a blood clot pressure monitor which is normally used instead of a stocking nowadays.

Sleepless nights are likely each night due to all these factors, when the pain gets excessive during the night you can ask for oramorph - liquid morphine which the nurses are reluctant to give this in the 1st place which could remedy the problem from the outset.

This seems like an endless circle and wondered if anyone had been or knew anyone in a similar situation and how theres turned out. Also if they made a claim could they share the outcome here and perhaps the information we gather will be of use to someone else in times to come.

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Now we know who the sebisnle one is here. Great post!