My Car Is on Finance Accident weren't my fault plz help me

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My Car Is on Finance Accident weren't my fault plz help me


Im so hoping someone can advise me I haven't had a crash in 20 years ,

A woman pulled out of a roundabout without looking and hit the rear side passenger and my car spun around facing the wrong way ,
Thankfully she admitted liability straight away ,
I received a text to call her insurance the next morning and they have supplied a courtesy car (brand new)

The car assessor informed me that they were going to have to write my car off (Cat C) ,

I then had a phone call from them with a figure for the value of my car , they offered me ?2250 and also I keep the car (he told me on the phone that it really only needed a new wing)

My car is only a megane 2007 model so i felt it was more than fair ,
So I was going to repair my car and put it on the road ,
But then found out later when I rang the office and spoke to the man's assistant and she told me the things wrong with the car !! There are 5 things wrong and that the cat C Write off would always remain on the car regardless and when I spoke to my dad he told me the car would be worthless if I fixed it

Then day later the insurance rang left a voicemail saying they were going to send the cheque to the finance company ,

I quickly rang them and said I would not accept there offer if they sent it to them I explained to them how badly ripped off I was and the fact also was the finance company had gone bankrupt in april this year (credit4cars) and that avelo had taken the debts on but we're using "shooesmith solicitors to act on the financial side of it as they couldn't ,

I'd paid ?2800 already and they wanted a further ?2760 plus ?250 for the ownership papers !!

It's over ?5500 for a car I was conned into buying (i just went through with it and paid them a ?150 a month as I was going through as difficult time ,

I can't fault tesco insurance (the woman's insurance company) ,
They have been so helpful and even agreed to put the cheque in my name the woman I spoke to said that she had spoken to avelo and they we're not helpful they couldn't even find my paperwork !!
They even said I could keep the courtesy car for 7 days after they sent the cheque out

On Saturday I received the cheque and on the same day I received a letter from shooesmith demanding full outstanding balance of nearly ?3000 ,

I'm really worried as I have to take the courtesy car back Saturday and they have my megane stored there which they will want me to take with me ,

I do not want anything to do with it anymore I'm done with the company they aren't getting a penny more from me I've paid over the value already

Can anyone suggest and help me with advice on what I can do
I would really appreciate it I don't know what else to do thanks