I had road accident in scotland - what to do with my car and family?

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I had road accident in scotland - what to do with my car and family?

Hi everyone
it is very good idea with this kind of forum. people still looking for free legal advice! hope that someone will help me as well.
one year ago we had accident in Scotland, in the middle of the trip to Glasgow! I'm from Cornwall so You can imagine how far we go by car! We was so tired. My father drive the car, at night and he slept! We hit other car and go out the road. My mum had crashed leg bones:( She was in hospital about 3 months!) I broke my hand, my brother had whiplash injury, me and my sister serously head injury:( We get compensation with help of solicitors from Glasgow (the biges solicitors company). But they charge us a lot. Is it normal? We didn't get any invoice for this costs....I think it might be illegall....I heard about no win no fee but if they charge us for help to get a compensation...I thought it's normal???? please help me

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I know some Personal Injury Solictors from Scotland that operate on no win no fee basis and they don't get any pound from Your compensation. Can You say us more about this firm ?

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Hi when was this accident?

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Hi there,

Firstly let me say i am very sorry to hear about the accident you had! I know after a long drive experiencing such an accident is made even worse than usual.

However some brief information regarding no win no fee claims.

You will only ever pay legal fees if your claim is successful. However you will not get an invoice for these charges as they are deducted before compensation is paid out. Only in cases of fraud will you ever receive and invoice. More than likely your case has been successful and you have received not only an insurance payout for the vehicle but also compensation. However each passenger is entitled to their own compensation, which even though your father was at fault for this accident the compensation received was from his insurance.

If your claim has been unsuccessful, you should not have to pay anything as the legal fees are recouped elsewhere usually through the insurance, or is written off by the solicitors.

What I would advise is that you check who has received compensation, as it could only have been a pay out for one injured family member, in this case there is still a chance you can get compensation as mentioned previously for each family member.

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I am so sorry for what has happened to your and your family, that is a not a very good situation to be in.

My name is Phillip Booker, I am a personal injury specialist that operates a free 100% service. If you can email me some details to get in touch I can give you a call today and go through some steps, that's in relation to your car and family. We would need to take some details about your accident and we will pass it over to our solicitor that we trade very close too.

My email is phil.booker.27 at outlook dot com- If you can do this I will be in touch today once I have received your email/contact details.

1) Where did it happen
2) Date of accident
3) brief details
4) how many people in the car
5) contact details and names for people involved

Please let me know the details and we can get you and your family what your entitled to for injuries, stress and among other things.

I hope to hear from you soon and I wish you and your family a speedy recovery.

Phil Booker
Personal Injury Specialist.

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Thanks for corttibuning. It's helped me understand the issues.

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