Multi Vehical Accident

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Multi Vehical Accident

Hello, please please advice...

My car was recently hit on the side by a careless driver coming out of the side road. As i was hit, another car then hit me from the back - this car drove off. Driver at fault accepted reliablity but their insurance wont pay for the damage to the back. I was advised by another insurance company that either way the person at fault is reliable for the damage to the back because that would not have happened if they had not been careless.

What shall i do? Should they be paying?

They have been very rude and unhelpful.

Please help sad


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In my opninion, he is responsible for all your loss from back and side as well. Because of only him, this happened. Have you taken advice from any lawyer?? What did they said?

Mary Stephan Wiltonn

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First of All !!


Very sad to hear this. but you can find legal help if you from where who are professional, very personalized manner and fight for your rights. Every member of thier team believes in the kind of open communication that leads to fair resolution for your issue.who will  give clients the opportunity to view their case files and go through everything page by page, something few other law offices do.they will  want every client to feel that he or she has been treated with the utmost fairness.

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We will make sure you receive compensation for your injuries. Pls email us your contact number. Our solicitor will get in touch with you ASAP.

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Please contact me on 07487691441 to process your claim further. Were a fast track company who look to recover your legal entitlement within 6-12 weeks. I can have you signed up and accepted within 10-15 minutes. And its a no win no fee process.

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Hi guys,

My name is Aharon and i work on behalf of a No win No fee Company called Start Claim Management based in Brighton.
We specialize in ensuring that clients that have been involved in non fault accidents Gain what is rightfully theirs. If you have any queries about your accident and would like to discuss your entitlements Please contact me on 07833462585 and ask for the agent Aharon Sorrell or if you would prefer to contact myself via email my address is Aharon.sorrell at For further details please visit the Start Claim management website

Kind Regards,

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Yes, they should pay for the negligence. If they are not willing to pay the compensation for the damages then you can take them to the court. Hire the best solicitor who can present your claim in the court against the fault party.