Tracked down Hit and Run Drive but Police takes no further action

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Tracked down Hit and Run Drive but Police takes no further action

I was driving on an A road towards a roundabout (about 65m/210ft from) the roundabout.¬  A car exited from a business/trade centre on my left and got in front of me.¬

The driver then manoeuvred his car to the left to be close to the left curb before taking a turn to the right.¬  He was trying to turn and go in the opposite direction rather than going ahead on the outside lane (two lanes on my side, and one lane on oncoming lane)

As the car has made the turn to the right, I moved ahead with the traffic as the width of road is more than sufficient to make the turn.¬  The car then reversed as the driver didn‚??t make the turn on one go and had to do a 3-point turn.

As the driver was reversing, I couldn‚??t move further ahead as traffic ahead was stationary. By the time when the traffic ahead ease off and there was enough room for me to move forward, the car‚??s back end was already quite close to my driver‚??s side front wing. I felt that the driver had no intention to stop his reversing and hence I pressed my horn continuously to warn the driver but to no avail. The driver overdone his reverse bumping into my driver‚??s side front wing.¬  My car shakes at time of impact and obviously I believe the driver should know his car has hit my car.

The driver didn‚??t get out of his car after impact but drove off into the opposite direction.

The driver of a lorry who have to stopped his lorry on the oncoming lane as the car was doing the 3-point turn witnessed the collision. He has kindly offered his dashcam footage and asked me to take down his contact details which I did.

Reported to the police afterwards and subsequently have completed and returned the T78 form with my footage and lorry‚??s footage. Also reported to my insurance but only for information purpose as I ma not sure if the driver could be tracked down.

The police replied through the post 5 days after I posted off the T78 form advising that they will take no further action. They only provided the driver name/address in their letter. (the footages didn‚??t show the culprit‚??s Reg no clearly in full as its plate is very muddy. I managed to figure it out from the footage by going frame by frame and zooming in‚??.

Much appreciated on any suggestions on what I should do next ? Shall I pursue a claim through my insurance against the other party ?  But the other party will probably deny liability.  Would pursuing a claim affect (i.e increase) my renewal premium ?