Fell from step ladder at work

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Fell from step ladder at work

Hi had an incident where some step ladders being used by myself failed and one of the feet snapped prob due to excessive use
Anyway I fell/jumped away from the steps because they were giving way beneath me and landed awkwardly on my heels and fell to the floor with a severe pain in my front of ribs and back to the right hand side of centre anyway I lay there for a moment or so while my work mate said stay down...
The pain subsided and I had to get up...to go for a smoke
Adrenalin pumping I got up the further I walked I realised I was having problems with my knees and ankles and spent next 8 days off work.
Went to hospital think something was broken as could put zero weight on right leg had X-ray came back ok.
Took shit loads of anti inflammatory and pain killers
Anyway had to go back to work cause had no money just filled my self with pain relief and got light duties but really struggle at times to keep mobile .
Seemingly felt better 6/8 weeks down the line
However after starting new job which was no longer light duties and back into the thick of it my ankles and knee is back to feeling like it won't support my weight ankle not so bad with work boots on. However I had to quit the job in fear of falling off someone's roof when my knee pops or something and now been unemployed for a 4 months and still having issues with knees ankle had Mri on one knee and doctor wants to do keyhole surgery

I currently hav claim for comp loss of earnings but unsure when it's going to be better taking more pain relief as this whole load of problematic is now affecting my sleep and on sleep meds too
Some friendly advice....On what to expect next

Employers admitted liability
Now have medical appointment from solicitors in 4 weeks

Hope I'm better soon to get back to work need can't be having an Xmas's like last year kids got next to nothing