gran died after fall

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gran died after fall


My gran recently passed away after falling on the communal stairs of her council flat. She lived in a block of four flats (two on ground level, two on the first floor) she lived on the first floor and the stairs are steep and concreted with sharp edges. She broke her ankle by falling on the last couple of stairs and had to have it operated on. It was though that she was fine and would just require a couple of weeks in hospital to heal to ankle, however she died two days later.

Myself and my family are angered by the fact she died due to a fall on what are quite frankly dangerous stairs. There have been complaints about the stairs by other residents. The flats are specifically for old people and it should have been obvious that the stairs were unsuitable.

Is there a basis for my family to sue the council? Even if it is just to pay for the funeral?