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You can claim for personal injury compensation due to someone else's negligence. Take your first step for the claim asap because these types of cases actually take a long time to solve. In this, if you delay it can take more time to give results.

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pi claims

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Hi make a claim about a personal injury, including criminal injuries, other injury . seek specialist advice from an experienced adviser, Call Toll_free Number +440203 700 1814. Get connected to a Pro.
You Can Claim Up to:
Knee injury: 4,300 to 70,700
Back Injuries: 200 to 118,300
Eye Injury: 1620 to 197,500
Leg injuries: up to 6,700 to 100,000

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Just over a year ago i had a nasty fall caused by broken griding around the spa. The company admitted liability straight away. It was shut down by the council for 3 days. I suffered swelling & bruising all down my right side of my body. I have a ligament damage in my ankle & tendon damage in my shoulder which was confirmed by a MRI scan  6 weeks ago. The doctor at the clinic said that if i have a operation to try & repair the damage it only has a 50 percent chance of working. i have another appointment next month to see if the splint has worked. My shoulder & ankle has been stiff & swollen all this time. How do they work out payments for this sort of claim. The first solicitor advised me to settle before i even had my scan. 
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