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#1 2016-04-27 19:17:51

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Hi, I hope someone can help.

I am around 15 months into a person injury claim. Initially, I was told by 2 different solicitors that my claim had reasonable prospects of success. Now it's in the final stages, despite nothing changing in my detriment, they've written to me saying they have reconsidered and they've decided I don't have enough to escalate to court.

The circumstances are - a replacement bus service for a cancelled train drove past 11 sheltered, purpose built bus stops and pulled into a taxi rank at the foot/entrance of a public car park. The curb dips immediately and dramatically, before multiple curbs join together and stretch across the mouth of the car park. Immediately after stepping off the bus, I slipped straight off the curb twisted 180 degrees and ended up on the floor facing the driver. I snapped and dislodged my ankle, needed plates and pins and a bone graft and have only recently returned to work.

The other passengers told the bus driver to call an ambulance, but he asked me if I needed one, or if I'd be ok if I was assisted to a taxi. Bring embarrassed and in shock I allowed the passengers to assist me. When I arrived home my ankle was swelling and I couldn't walk, my father in law took me to A&E who confirmed the injury. Two weeks later when I called to discuss the accident, nothing had been reported and it took them pulling the CCTV to confirm the incident.

I have a court issued order prohibiting buses from using the area. They have confirmed they conducted no risk assessments or have evidence of driver safety training. It is evident that it was snowing and extremely cold on the day in question. The surface is uneven and it was close to midnight so would have been difficult to identify black ice/hazzards. The bus station were available, there was absolutely no reason not to use the allocated bus stops.

Their only defence is that other passengers got off fine. Otherwise they have just repeated they do not believe they were negligent.

I just don't know what to do now. It feels like everything I've been asked for I've provided and it makes no difference.

Any advice would be deeply appreciated.