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#1 2016-07-25 11:29:03

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Hi, my names Michael I'm 29 and I am a supervisor in a bar/restaurant/hotel, 8 weeks ago i slipped on the kitchen floor after it had been mopped at the end of service. I suffered a broken patella (knee -smashed into several pieces) and was hospitalised for 3 days, i have been placed on SSP at work.
I have recently learned that my employer has made all staff on shift that night sign statements that a wet floor sign was in the kitchen and that would mean i am not entitled to a compensation claim if I was to try for one.
doctors have told me that I could be layed up for up to 6 months and my knee will have recurring problems in the future i.e knee replacements for the rest of my life. now the night in question was just as any other before it i was simply carrying two empty plates from diners in the restaurant into the kitchen, on the outside of the door into the kitchen there was no visible caution sign for a wet floor. As I took my first step into the kitchen i slipped and with both hands full could not stop myself from falling and i landed with full weight and impact onto my right knee. as i was checked on by staff  and first aider who said it was just a dislocation, we joked about there not being a wet floor sign and one of my fellow members of staff went to get one and placed it next to me in jest. now it's come to my knowledge that all staff members have made statements saying the sign was there all the time inside the kitchen. but as any other time to do my job, I must walk in the kitchen when it's wet as I and all staff do.
I'm looking for some advice on what and if a claim would still be worth pursuing or if i haven't got a leg to stand on (quite literally at the moment)
Thanks Michael.