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#1 2018-09-29 07:19:34

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If your solicitor is not working properly, or if he/she is not doing anything for you then the best advice would be to change the solicitor. Try another one, and this time please make sure before submitting your case to them you must check whether they are experienced or not and the verdict of previous cases.

#2 2016-08-25 19:29:08
Ian Pirie

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Hi I have a question about having a medical. I was driving a big skip wagon, roll on roll off earlier in the year. I had said that the locks may not be working as there was a lot of movement on the skip with minimum speed. On the day in question I had a top heavy skip go over on a round about. When I contacted the solicitors they originally were told by Saica Natur that the wagons were routinely serviced. At this point the solicitors said that there was not much of a case. I didn't question that because they were. However the physically mechanics on the body had not been serviced in over a year and this had been conveniently left off the reports by Saica Natur. So I told the solicitors to go direct to the company responsible for servicing the mechanics, the hook, locks etc. I had not heard anything until today when I now have a letter for a medical assessment for the accident. Does this mean that the solicitors have now found something in the case or is this just routine ?
Many thanks.