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#1 2018-02-26 10:57:05

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If you think your solicitor is not able to provide the best amount of compensation then you may try another lawyer how helps you in getting much more compensation. Well, there is no such formula to calculate compensation, but yes a personal injury solicitor will go through all your medical bills + loss of wages and many more things will be included in the compensation claim.

#2 2017-11-17 12:19:17
John C.

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Hi I had a similar sort of incident at my work place and I spoke to this guy called James. He works for AMG legal he's a claims consultant there he took on my claim and I got ?4,000 for my personal injury. I suggest you get in contact with him on his work line 07925187444.

#3 2016-09-27 14:01:51
Andy P

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I had a fall at work in January after tripping on a board on the floor. I dislocated my shoulder and had surgery at the start of August. I had the same surgery 4 years ago and my shoulder was perfect up until my fall.
To complicate things I handed in my notice the day before my fall because I had a new job. I couldn't start my new job and couldn't claim and sickness benefit as I resigned from a job, so loss of earnings won't be possible. My lawyer emailed to say the my employers insurance company admitted full liability and made a 'pre medical' offer for pain and suffering only of ?3000. He seems to think it's a good offer. Right now I'm still recovering from the surgery and my physio reckons I'm developing a secondary frozen shoulder. Quite a few people have said it's a bad offer and I should be aiming for at least 3 times that. Any advice?