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#1 2017-09-29 14:38:39

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Hi guys

It's been almost 2 years when the road accident happend.
I was passenger, we've decided to make a claim with driver.
We were sure that was not our fault as we were turning right on mini roundabout and the car coming didnt stop and hit us.
At the beginning everything was alright we fill forms and we were waiting...
The other side didnt want to say it was their fault, then things turn around and they say its my friend(driver) fault.
We could not believe, we wanted to end this case cause it was really pain...
Then we went for 50/50 but the other side didnt accept
Then ladie(from company we hired for compensation) called Me if I want to claim money from my friend insurace, I said i dont I want to end this case forever.
Just gonna add that this company works with Vincent Solicitors

Now we got the letter from solicitors with bill for almost 2000? for their ,,hard work''
When she called me before she said we dont need to pay nothing.
What I am supposed to do ?
Just have feeling that they tricked us as no win no fee for compensations company, but solicitors will want money...