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#1 2017-12-13 10:27:22

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Hi. About 3 weeks ago I was at work. Local council.  Iā??m a bin man driver/ loader. Every other Tuesday we get sent recycling!  In our bin wagon.  And always a man down!!    This has been going on for 3 years like this.     So I get out as often as possible to help as thereā??s a lot of work.  They send us with wheelie bins to collect recycling boxes from road side.  We have had no training for this. On this day as I emptied the box into the back of the wagon. My jacket got caught on the bin lifter.     This picked me up. And threw me in to the back of the wagon.    Which was full of glass and metal.   The compacting blade was coming towards me.  My college pushed the emergency stop button.  Iā??ve injured my back. And obviously was very scary. Is this legal??  Recycling in a bin wagon!!    Can I refuse to do it when I go back. As Iā??m scared to keep working in this manner.  Tia  paul