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#1 2018-09-02 15:38:28

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Yes, you can make a claim but the amount of compensation depends on many thing. To evaluate the exact amount you must contact a good and experienced lawyer near by you.

#2 2018-08-02 04:22:26

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Hi there, please visit a good lawyer and get your claim.

#3 2018-07-17 20:26:30

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Hi i would be able to get this claim sorted for you all i need is your number and the office can give you a call

#4 2018-06-02 09:16:36

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I had an accident at work repairing a fork lift tuck . I was working on an attachment on the truck that I had never been trained on I loosened the bolt not knowing it was a pressured bolt it flew out at hit me just above the eye brow  and split the top of my forehead I had to have it clued in a&e the cut was down to the bone on my forehead , if I claimed how much would I be looking at and also should I even claim as I w will feel aqward if i  did
Would really appreciate some guidence on the matter