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#1 2017-05-29 13:01:07
Alice Dsouza

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You can speak with the tow yard manager and go for out of court settlement.

#2 2017-05-29 12:42:00

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If your car was insured, then you should take help from the insurance company for the storage fees.You may consult to the insurance adjuster and do a fair negotiation.

#3 2017-02-08 09:04:55

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What a neat arlteic. I had no inkling.

#4 2009-05-22 09:05:01

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if the car was insured, you contact them and they take care of it. if it was not insured, you can ask about signing it over to the tow yard as scrap and then pay whatever you can agree to. You can refuse to pay and have them take you to small claims court, of course. So, maybe you can come to some equitable arrangement.

#5 2009-05-22 06:18:00

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Hello guys! Unfortunately last month ago my car caught on fire at my house and was completely destroyed. The tow truck picked it up and my roommate signed their form for me. I was under the impression that it was taken to a junkyard, but a couple days ago I received a letter stating that the car is in an impound lot and that I owe Ł530 and Ł21 a day thereafter. I am willing to pay a disposal fee but do not want to pay and of the storage fees. What can I do?