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#1 2010-01-14 17:29:41

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On my way home from work i skidded off my bike due to water, cement and sand left from road workers. I suffered tripple fracture of my right wrist, broken collar bone and wiplash. Pins were placed in my wrist to hold the bones together, and k-wires to keep them stable.This took 2 surgerys. 10 weeks later the wires were removed which then caused an infection , surgery was needed  to drain the infection.  After 4 weeks stiches were removed then another infection occurred which also needed surgery. Ive now been told because of these infections the pins have moved and the bones are crumbling away. I now need further surgery to fuse my wrist in febuary. . This will lose all function of my wrist and will no longer be able to bend it.
This effects my job as an electrician as i only have one more exam to take before qualified. Doc said i will find it very hard to carry on with type of work. I also have loss of earnings and i lost a full time job i was set to start. surly the roadworkers are liable for this , and wot type of compensation am i looking at if they are. Plus the company has been found guilty of spraying passer cars with cement in the same area .

thanks chris