Trip over in Asda Superstore

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Trip over in Asda Superstore

Hi there, basically my wife was shopping in our local Asda store, she was down the vegetable isle shopping when she tripped over a non slip matt, the mat wasnt over turned but the edge all the way round was roughled causing it not to lie flat, i believe it was faulty. When she fell, she banged her right hand on the floor, she quickly got up being embarassed, store staff cam to her aid but she initially said she was ok but staff said no as your finger looks broken / dislocated, they took her to one side to make sure she was fine, they have entered her accident in the log book, they was going to get an ambulance but my wife said no she was fine, after leaving asda my wife went to A&E to have her hand looked at, which when x rayed was actually broken.
She is claiming but it has only now taken Asda to start talking to her solicitors since March 2011, they arent admitting liability as yet, obviously i would assume Asda would counter claim from there supplier of the non slip matts, but ultimately the well being off customers is ASDA, annoying thing is the same faulty mat was still being used 2 days after my wifes injury, which to me showed total lack of customer care and total negligence by the store manager / staff as you would have thought the mat would have been removed from the shop floor, on another note when she asked Asda why they was there she was advised so people didnt slip on crushed grapes, this was down a vegetable isle not fruit isle !!