damaged concrete in car park, lead to fall

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damaged concrete in car park, lead to fall

I would like to ask advise, whether to seek a 'no win no fee' claim or to write to the supermarket concerned and 'see what they will do'...I fell last week in the supermarket car park. the front wheel of my (full) trolley slipped into a piece of crumbled old concrete and I toppled over with it. I damaged my knee, wrist and back/shoulder. I reported the accident to them and it was witnessed by their 'trolly man' and several other people and the damaged car park was also noted by them. I went to my local surgery the next day as my knee was cut and badly swollen and my back (I have slipped disc history)was very painful etc.
I have contacted a legal firm who have sent me details and want me to proceed with a claim, but i am concerned that 'my injuries are not that bad' and given time will probably heal quickly. Would I be better off going straight to the supermarket and letting them know how i have suffered this past week and see what they say? thanking you.

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Traditionally, the likes of supermarkets tend to deny any liability or responsibility and string it out for as long as possible, unless there is overwhelming evidence against them.

if you were to approach the supermarket directly, they may make an offer, but this will really be peace money and will no doubt seriously undervalue your claim and the nature of your injuries.

Given that the injury only occured a week or so ago, I would be inclined to see if it settles down over the next couple of weeks, and if you still have problems, then consider making a claim, but for the full value rather than the pittance that the supermarket would offer you, if they made an offer at all.

A proper personal injury solicitor will be able to get the ball rolling under a no win no fee agreement (or under legal expenses if you have that) and will be able to give you a proper idea of the value of your claim, bearing in mind that you also have a history of slipped disc problems, the long term prognosis also has to be taken into consideration.

Whatever you do, don't use any of the claims management firms that stalk these boards (or any other claims management firms for that matter) they will rip you off as soon as look at you, go to a professional and local personal injury solicitor.

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Hello everyone, I am a fully qualified claims executive and have been specialising in this field for many years. I work for a  FAST TRACK accident management company that focus on sending your payment within 6-10 weeks. I can make sure you get that payment as QUICKLY AND EFFECIENTLY AS POSSIBLE! If you want me to assist you get your compensation ASAP please do not hesitate to contact me as this is what I specialise in doing. We work on a NO WIN NO FEE BASIS And we have an acceptance rate of 97%. So if you've had a car accident, slip trip fall, medical mistreatment or an accident at work perhaps in the last 3 years  that wasnt your fault, give me a call on 07487691441 and i'll be more than happy to assist you.

Kind Regards.

Lilly Ahmed
Claims Executive.

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I would suggest you to check more than one solicitors to get best opinion...
Check if this can help you http://www.legitclaims.co.uk/solicitor/directory

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Hi Fairycake58,

I am sorry to hear about your accident.

From all what you have described I would advice to make a claim under no win no fee agreement (you have nothing to loose). Another advice - just make sure you select professional firm to process your claim since nowadays there are hundreds of good and bad companies in the market.

As personal injury claims adviser I understand your doubts about your injuries. The practice shows that usually the visible injuries heals quite quickly and because of medical prescriptions people are tend to feel healthy in a short term. However, after a few months (or even later) you might start feeling post accident syndromes - in your case it might be pain in injured parts, especially in bad weather. Baring that in mind, your compensation might be way bigger than you might think now.

That's why I recommend to care about yourself and your health especially. If you wish, we have solicitors who specialize in public liability (slips/trips/falls claims in public places) claims - you can find us as Accident Claims 24 (claims-24.co.uk).

Take care,


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If you are injured due to others mistake and negligence then you are eligible to claim compensation. Shireslaw has gained many experiences in dealing with Supermarket Accident Claims. They operate on a No Win No Fee basis.