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Hi, I need a massive help.

My brother work for a one of franchise as a delivery man, few days back he met with an accident- head to head with other car. Other person admit himself as its his fault in front of police. Since the accident happen while he was working, his own insurance company wont deal with it. So he contacted his employer insurance company but there is no response His clavicle bone dislocated, he is in a bad pain and also going to such a trauma, but he couldn't get rid of the incident. He is also in a full time job with other company, due to an accident he is unable to get to work either.

What should he do now? Any idea?

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Hi SK,

Sorry to hear about your brother's accident.

If the other person was at fault, then he needs to make a claim against their insurance company. Did he get the other's driver's insurance details? If so, call their insurance company and explain the situation. They might offer compensation, but it will probably be lower than what he should actually get, so he might have to negotiate for a better offer. It may also be advisable to contact a solicitor if he wishes to make a claim for compensation.

Hope that helps.