Personal injury liability accepted - solicitor or not??

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Personal injury liability accepted - solicitor or not??


I'm not sure if this is the right place. Please direct me if it is.

I'm very nieve and new to claiming for a personal injury but this incident has been the worst experience of my life...
I have been diagnosed with a permanent disability caused from an accident on a commercial property.
I contacted the property and expressed my concerns and advised I would be seeking damages from them for the impact the injury has caused and I believe the company was at fault etc.
I received a very positive response from their insurance company where they accepted full liability and were very happy to get this settled in my interest.

My dilemma is that I'm savage about the whole thing so I don't want to share the baseline of 25% with the majority of industry solicitors.
I want to do this by myself or find a private solicitor that won't charge the standard rates.
Has anyone got any experience like this or know of a reasonable solicitor that could handle this?