Car Crash, now have whiplash

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Car Crash, now have whiplash

Hi there,

Just looking for some advice really.
I was in a RTA on friday. My car was stationary at a roundabout, and a car hit my car from behind. my car now has a bump which is away getting fixed now smile that night i went to the hospital to get checked over as my neck was getting sore. they had confirmed i had whiplash sad prescribed me co codomol. over the weekend had been feeling worse! the pain in my arm!! felt like nerve pain. went to mt GP who gave my strong pain killers, i cant take anti inflammitries due having asthma. even on the pain killers it still hurts pretty bad.
i have been signed off work for 2 weeks. i dont get sick pay as well, as i work with adults with learning disabilitie i cannot push them in a wheel chair due to the pain. i am also a 3rd year nursing student, i am going out on placement soon and cannot miss any time from that or i dont get my degree.
driving is pretty scary at the moment, dont feel confident driving at the moment.

I am withinm my rights to claim? what am i entitled to? i am fully comp and have legal protection. also do they send you to a doctor to get checked out again??

KInd regards

Laura x

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You'll need to assess each of your damages and include their cost while filing your claims. You can't drive without obtaining permission from your doctor.