Was this accident my fault / highway code rules?

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Was this accident my fault / highway code rules?

Hi everyone,

I was involved in an accident, which happened as follows:

I was leaving a hospital via a wide road which turned onto a busy main road.  I was originally going to turn right, so positioned myself on the right hand side of the lane, with my right hand indicator on.

After being there a couple of minutes and not being able to go due to lots of traffic, I decided it would be a good idea to actually turn left as there was a roundabout very close.  I could then go round the roundabout and back down the main road that way instead - and wouldn't have to try and cross two lanes of traffic.

So.  At this point, there were NO other cars around, and I changed my indicator to signal left. I did not change my position on the road, and was situated at the very edge of the junction as one would expect.

A car drove down the road behind me and positioned itself on the left hand side of the lane, but about a small car length back from the edge of the junction.  I.E not directly behind me as he was over to the left and it was a wide road, but nowhere near the edge of the junction - he appeared to be waiting 'in turn' as you would if someone in front of you was turning left.

I saw a gap in the traffic, and started to pull off in the normal fashion.  However, the other driver ALSO decided to pull off at the same time and we ended up colliding - the side of my car scraping along the front drivers side corner of his.  I can only assume (this is a guess) that he was trying to rush up my inside and get out before me.

To summarise -
- I had my left hand indicator on, but I was positioned on the right hand side of the lane and stationary. The other car did not see me change indicator, he would have only ever seen my left hand indicator on.
- A car situated itself in the left hand side of the lane, but back from the edge of the junction (about a small car's length)
- We were both stationary for a minute or so before a gap appeared in the oncoming trafific.

My question -
Was this 'my fault' in terms of the law?

I'm trying to find some highway code information to quote to the insurance company (fault has not yet been decided) to help my case, however I'm finding it tricky.  I know that lorries sometimes need to use the right hand lane to turn left, and I assume that they aren't breaking the law every time they do this . . . but I really need some help.

Apologies for the length of this, but wanted to get as much detail in as possible smile

Thanks in advance!