Channel 5 Compensation Claim Advice Series. Would you take part?

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Rosanna Duff - Researcher

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Channel 5 Compensation Claim Advice Series. Would you take part?

Hi there,

I am a development researcher at Channel 5 and we are currently pitching a new series for the channel where the general public present their real-life cases for compensation to the UK‚??s leading compensation lawyers.

The project I am working on is still very much a work-in-progress. My job is to find interesting people and claims that I think we should be featuring on a show like this, and people that may benefit from the lawyers‚?? advice, so at this stage it would just be a case of you letting me know if this is something you might be interested in taking part in.

It would be great to speak to you either way, so if you would like to talk further, please email me or give me call on: 020 7308 5276

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I would be interested. Injury solicitor based in Manchester

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Are you still looking for participants? I had been misdiagnosed / undiagnosed with torn ligaments in both wrists for four years and believe the first surgeon failed in his duty of care. It's effected every aspect of my life and my families lives all this time and I truly believe I deserve compensation for medical negligence.