shoulder work injury.please advise.

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shoulder work injury.please advise.

Hi. I am a staff nurse and 2 years ago I was assaulted by a patient. The trust accepted liability possibly because risk assessments weren't in place and they'd withdrawn me from mandatory  violence training for 4 consecutive years prior to the event. I was kicked round the neck and ends up with shoulder impingemnet which resulted in frozen shoulder. I had physio, acupuncture, steroids etc  but nothing helped so had a tendon release and went back to work but due to work load etc and ignorance by my employer to adhere to both occupational health and my surgeons recommendations  had to then have a sub acromial decompression.

Following surgery I then started to have symptoms in the other shoulder and have just had tendon release and a subacromial decompression on that side, two weeks ago.

I have lost approx 6000 in earnings etc and despite my solicitor requesting an interim payment have had nothing back as yet. I'm seeking advice from anyone reading this as to what amount I may receive eventually and what I should do to push for the interim payment. Thankyou

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You should have security at your workplace or if you have had that issue, then you can claim for this.

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