Ongoing accident health problems, but solicitor pushing for settlement

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Ongoing accident health problems, but solicitor pushing for settlement


I'll try to keep it brief but this will inevitably drag out.

In Dec 2011, I was a front seat passenger in a car that crashed, I sustained  a permanent painful ( and limiting ) dominant wrist injury plus some smashed front teeth. I started a claim in May 2012 after it was said my wrist injury was permanent
( stopping me being able to do ( or now struggle in pain with ) so many daily things as well as virtually all my DIY and mechanical restoration hobbies plus shooting, fishing etc )
I contacted National Accident helpline who arranged a local solicitor firm to deal with me.

Then, in Aug 2012 I was knocked off my motorbike ( rear ended hard by a 4x4 whilst I was stationary giving way to traffic )
I sustained multiple injuries in the accident that could easily have killed me, these where head, neck, shoulder, chest, lower back, hip and thigh injuries. The insurers ( Bennetts Bike Insurance ) put me through to a solicitor firm automatically who started the case.

After a number of failings and lack of initial medical treatment and investigations I finally this year in Aug 2014 switched both accident claims to a new firm that had been recommended to me by a friend. They arranged a fresh medico-legal medical and psychological assesment / interviews.

The problems I have is that the current solicitor is pushing for disclosure and settlement, they have issued a court protection paper since the liability ( 3 year for 1st accident ) is up in a weeks time, so I'm ok until March 2015 but I have not seen an OT to establish the need for any adaptations or appliances etc ( i have to wear a wrist brace and use a tens unit  )
I'm still suffering badly with the second accident injuries of headaches, random dizziness, pretty bad back pain and pain struggling to walk any distance.

I don't understand why the solicitor is pushing to disclose and settle since there seems no end to my dizziness and headaches, there's no prognosis ( from 2nd accident ) ( and hence no clear timescale with regards to my ability to drive a car or ride a bike again so I'm still at a loss with that and that if I don't insure a bike by May 2015 I will lose my 9 years accrued NCD into the bargain! )

How can the solicitor push to settle when I'm clearly still suffering and the duration of effect of injury unknown, it might be permanent for all I know ( which would be personally devastating ).

The Physical medical medico-legal assessor recommended a further course of Physio for my back and hip and if that did not help, then a scan, followed by prescription of alternative pain meds ( likely for life re my back and hip ) , but the solicitor is saying they will just add the cost of a course of physio to the claim and go for settlement and have me get the physio treatment AFTER settlement ( which of course at that point my prognosis and duration of injury/impairment regarding headaches and dizziness affecting my ability to return to driving or riding a motorcycle would still be unknown and unaccounted for, ultimately also affecting any attempt to gain employment )

It all feels VERY wrong.

To complicate things further, I was long term unemployed at the time of the accidents, but had been personally working towards self employment for two years prior to the first accident occurring ( which as a result of the permanent wrist injury caused that endeavour to come to an abrupt end as I could no longer due to the injury sustained , physically manage the training or use of the equipment required in and to reach my goal of self employment in that line of work, so, two years of effort and cost of equipment wasted )

What should I do? The solicitor is pushing for an answer this week, they want me to agree to disclosure and paperwork as it now stands, and they said they want to get the 'costings' worked out before Christmas.

I'm at my wits end.