They've got the wrong number plate...

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They've got the wrong number plate...


October - in London, I some how managed to scrape a bus in standstill traffic. Bus had hardly any visible damage. I took no pictures.

Come January, BLM a law firm based in Manchester contacted me stating I'd hit a bus (fair play) and that they were seeking ?400 (totally unreasonable) from my insurers. They'd got my number plate wrong and I told them to go away as I wasn't the driver of the vehicle of that particular registration numberplate.

4 months down the line and they're back in touch. They are asking for my car registration number.

They've attached an accident form the bus driver must have completed when he got back to base (not signed nor seen by me - though it had my correct name and address, but wrong number plate). They've also attached a picture from a CCTV camera, which doesn't show my number plate.

I'm not a dishonest person, but this is so unreasonable it's laughable.

They've quoted law that I have to legally tell them my number plate or its a criminal offence etc.

Anyone out there reckon I stand a chance deflecting this back to them, or am I wasting my time?

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