Gym fall, significant fracture, lengthy rehab and recovery

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Gym fall, significant fracture, lengthy rehab and recovery

Hello all,

I was last month involved in a fall from a piece of gym equipment (known as a Bosu balance trainer) and as a result, I ended up with a tibial plateau fracture. This particularly nasty fracture requires a significant period of rest and rehabilitation.

To further complicate matters for me, I was one week into my new job, so the company paid that week as full pay and from then on they've paid me SSP instead. My yearly earnings are ?43k, and the SSP is roughly ?88/week, so I have taken a significant financial hit as well.

Now I'm not one for ambulance chasers and I would be happy if the gym which is part of a hotel were to offer me my lost earnings, but what sort of response do people think I would get if I just called them and said "I'd like you to cover my salary for the three months I have been out of work"?

I've checked a few online compensation calculators and the type of injury, the operation and the rehabilitation could see me take home between ?20k and ?60k. My earnings for the three month period would be roughly ?7.5k so there's a clear incentive for the hotel/gym to offer that, but without a solicitor's letter, I'm sure their insurance company would just laugh my request out of the office.

Should I just bite the bullet and go for a compensation claim company?

Thanks for any advice


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Have you counted upon any negligence on the part of your trainer? Try to identify the root cause of your fall before you proceed any further.