Work injury, early settlement offer advice?

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Work injury, early settlement offer advice?

I had a fall at work in January after tripping on a board on the floor. I dislocated my shoulder and had surgery at the start of August. I had the same surgery 4 years ago and my shoulder was perfect up until my fall.
To complicate things I handed in my notice the day before my fall because I had a new job. I couldn't start my new job and couldn't claim and sickness benefit as I resigned from a job, so loss of earnings won't be possible. My lawyer emailed to say the my employers insurance company admitted full liability and made a 'pre medical' offer for pain and suffering only of ?3000. He seems to think it's a good offer. Right now I'm still recovering from the surgery and my physio reckons I'm developing a secondary frozen shoulder. Quite a few people have said it's a bad offer and I should be aiming for at least 3 times that. Any advice?

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A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this innmoratiof.

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Why don't you concern your lawyer? after all, he is aware of your case and he can give you the wise advice.
But if you want to get a second opinion from those who have gained experience in an accident at work claim Gloucester then contact a Personal Injury Solicitor.