Suck up as a mistake or worth claiming? Dental

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Suck up as a mistake or worth claiming? Dental

Hi I am looking  for advise for a friend,

Long story short,
He paid for 2 root canals which were done in front upper teeth
2 years later -in pain - same dentist said one root canal didn't work - was told by the Same dentist who performed the root canal that one tooth needed to be extracted.
Extracted tooth.
1 year later - Found an Abscess at the roof of mouth, went back to same
Dentist,  no X-ray, just given antibiotics.
No follow up appoint due to dentist cancelling 2 appointments.
Absess went away  - no problems.

After not liking wearing a denture, Decided to have cosmetic dental surgery with a private dentist, veneer / bridges on all 8 teeth above.
Quick Temporaries were fitted to remove the denture,
Nice temporaries were due in a week but a big lump appeared on roof of mouth again,
Cosmetic dentist said the lump was the absess so he did an X-ray,
Cosmetic dentist said that both root canals was botched with only the insert a quarter inside the teeth, and he may lose the second tooth too.
He said he has seen this a lot and now all my cosmetic appointments are pushed back for him to personally fix this for me,
The costs have bumped up hugely from finding this out but luckily I find this out now before veneers are completed as he said this would all have had to be redone completely.