Car accident

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Car accident

Recently I was involved in a car accident, hyperthetically speaking if it were my fault (I haven't advised my insurer yet) it was about 4 days ago, what is the best route to take? The gentleman and I have decided to settle privately.

Should I tell my insurer? How long do I have to tell my insurer? If myself nor the other person involved tell our insurers within a two week period can they still claim?

Essentially my query is:

- if you do not submit a claim in X amount of time can you no longer claim? What are the implications of that? If the other driver does not try to pursue a claim against you in a two week period can they no longer make a claim and it gets forgotten about? I.e you don't have to settle it privately and no claim can be made either party for damage?

I am NOT interested in any information on personal injury.

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There's a SOL for filing personal injury claims. You'll need to file within this time-frame of up to 3 years.

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