Need urgent advice please

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Need urgent advice please

Hi. I have just had a small car incident at a retail car park. I touched someone's car whilst trying to squeeze in a tight parking spot. Stupid mistake I admit. The damage was very minor, few scratches to the back. I reversed back and decided to move to another parking place. Whilst driving off I noticed a lady in the opposite side watching me intently then taking her phone out and writing down something, most likely my reg number. She obviously thought I took off without claiming responsibility. I parked somewhere else and went back to leave a note for the car owner with my contact details on it. As I was doing that he came back so I spoke to him. He was very nice and didn't appear bothered by it at all. But he told me it was his company car and he needed to log an incident so he asked me for my name and contact details. He only took my first name, address and tel number and didn't ask for my insurance details. He told me not to worry about it but I am quite worried obviously. I don't want my insurance to be involved and I can't offer to settle the matter either outside of insurance because I am quite tight financially. I also realised too late that I forgot to take his reg number and a photo of the scratch but he did give me his business card. What can I do? just wait and hope for the best? contact him in a couple of days? and what can the other woman who took my registration number do?