Knock for knock

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Phoebe jones

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Knock for knock

Hello, me and my partner were driving home on a Friday night and he picked me up from a party in the countryside.
On the way back we were going down a country road which was a single track road, both cars saw each other coming as it was dark and headlights were on and they were both too close to each other and clipped both wing mirrors and smashed both of the mirror glasses on both of the cars. So both cars had their mirror glasses smashed on the drivers side.
We pulled into the next road on the left and check the mirror on our car and sat there a minute a little bit in shock of what happened but we went home and nothing more thought about it because we didn't know their car had their mirror smashed also we didn't even think about reporting it because it was just an accident he could fix.
Then the driver of the other car came round to his house asking for my partner to pay for a new mirror glass which my partner agreed to thinking it wouldn't be that expensive but the other driver was asking for the OEM standard mirror glass which was ?270 as it's a BMW so my partner said he couldn't afford that and found a non genuine but the same spec one for ?120 and said to him can we split it please I will still fit it but I also have to replace mine and I can't afford it.
The young male driver has now turned around and said that he will be coming round because he isn't happy with this other deal.
BUT both cars were damaged and both were the mirror glass!
The other driver had said he reported the accident to the police because 'we' did not stop but he did not stop or turn around and says he had other witnesses that identified my partners car but the roads were not busy and had no cars in front or behind either of the two cars but the young other driver was the brother of one of the boys who attended the party with me so I reckon as nobody was on the road apart from us two cars and he never turned around then he would have know us and identified the car that was.
Would this be a simple knock for knock? Is my partner being conned by paying the ?270 to replace the mans car and his own? If it went to the insurance company's what would happen?

What's the best was to solve this?
Please can you help us,
Thank you