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Had a accident last jun (16) only I was involved and it was raining very bad and a pedestrian tried to cross the road ( no crossing ) in middle of carriageway and I tried to break and lost control and ended up having to crash to a subway railings.
Car is a righ off but so far I have been told by 1/2 people that because no other car was involved I can't make a complaint or injuring claim. Have not got a clue who the pedestrian and might be able to get 2/3 witnesses.
Any help please

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Hi shaz,

Give me a call on 07722562279 to discuss your accident .


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John C.

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Hi I had a similar sort of incident with road traffic. Basically what's going to happen now is your insurance and the third party insurance are going to settle liability. This happened with me is after my insurance got settled I got paid out for the damages to the car. After this there was a secondary payment as well so I spoke to these lawyers and they got me paid like ?4,000 for my back pain and whiplash and the compensation claim only took 2 months because these guys are fast track. My advice is if you're looking to get paid out quickly with relatively little stress send a text through his work line explaining what happened 07563361427 and request for James.