How much is my claim worth?

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How much is my claim worth?

Hi everyone, i will try and keep this short and sweet as much i can.....i am now 40 years old had an accident at work sept 2015 lifting boxes weighing 35kg - 75 kgs, i was the warehouse manager and i told the directors this was a breach of health and safety but was threatened with my job.
subsequently i pulled my back, slipped two disks with nerve damage and a tear on L5/s1 para central near the traversing s1 nerve root, i had about 6 months of work on SSP then was offered a compromise agreement as to which i signed.

1 year in i had a heart attack and was hospitalised needing a stent in the main LAD to which i am restricted for life and classed as disabled, they have put this down to stress with the accident as i have no history, not in the family, dont drink or smoke.

To this day i struggle with simple things but can manage with everyday life to a degree having regular physio still having constant pain/numbness and shooting pains in my legs and bum,  i have taken this further but my solicitors seem useless and are not giving me answers.

My question is this: how much roughly is the claim worth?

Thanks in advance


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Hey Lee,
Firstly, there is no such formula which can calculate the worth of the claim. But, if you try you can prepare it yourself. Your compensation claim will include all your medical treatment costs even the future ones, plus loss of wages would also be taken into consideration. But, if you want to know more about this you need to speak with your solicitor.