Motorbike/Car crash

#1 2017-10-23 09:32:37

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Motorbike/Car crash

I was riding on a main road when there was oncoming traffic to the right of me , And a one way road coming out to the main road on the right.  When im riding 30 Mph down the road a car as pulled out of the junction and come on to the main road ( without seeing me ) (BLINDSPOT) as the traffic is infront of him. I've gone in to the back of him when hes turned right in the direction im going and ive hit in the back bumper. As i couldnt brake in time. Now hes saying it was my fault as i was speeding, which is not the case as he didnt even see me. I was doing 30mph. Is it my fault or his ? He turned out on to the main road without seeing me due to a stand still of traffic. My motorbike is valued at 2000 and a write off they said but they said they haven't decided yet whos at fault. I've got access of ?750. and im third party fire theft. Its been 3 weeks since the crash.

Whats likely going to happen? no ones takes liability. Also do i have to pay access. or will i get 2000 for my bike what they valued it at. I don't know whats happening im panicking.