Have I got a claim?

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Have I got a claim?

About 18 months ago I started with a stiff and numb elbow which progressed into restricted movement of my arm, after a visit to the G.P.s, various scans and physio I eventually got to see a Specialist Consultant.
I was informed that there was Arthritis in my elbow (Iā??m 43) and that new bone had grown in that area to repair itself, this resulting in the restricted movement (new growth stopping arm extending and closing).
Although Iā??m not blaming work for the Arthritis I feel that there is some accountability for the restricted movement.
At work my arm is pretty much in the same position for the 12hr shift, which is making me think that itā??s healed itself in that position which is 30 degrees short of being straight.
I had surgery 3 weeks ago and I am undergoing physio therapy at the moment.
As of yet I havenā??t spoke to work or Doctors regarding my theory and simply want some advice, any would be appreciated.

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I would advise you to contact the best personal injury solicitors asap. A direct contact may help you by getting a clear
the scenario about your case.

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Hi Richard,

Please visit claims-24.co.uk and contact them regarding your case. You might get a decent compensation for what happened because it seems as medical negligence case.

Ryan from Accident Claims 24