Sister inlaw finds a stent left in her after her operation 2 years ago

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Sister inlaw finds a stent left in her after her operation 2 years ago

As mentioned  am writing on behalf of my sister in law , who had a major operation some two years ago . From what I understand  the operation lasted for some 6 hours as being a retroperitoneal procedure. She is also under the impression that her appendix was also removed , but at this stage I am unable to confirm this .

Since the operation there has been no or little  aftercare from either the hospital OR her GP  despite her attending many appointments with the GP with ongoing pain and discomfort to the point of the GP stating ... "what else can I do for you" ... "can you move on as I have other patients to see"   On learning this, I have pursuaded her to change the GP immediately , as I was then convinced she was not getting the care and support that she should have had both from the hospital, and at the very least her GP despite her may requests for help . She has also learned her brother had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, spreading to his liver some months earlier, which gave her more concerns as to whether she to could be suffering from this also, bearing in mind the pain being experienced .

My concerns for her since the operation is the ongoing severe pain from both her stomach, sides, back and urinary area, with considerable difficulty in walking at times, and a huge problem when undertaking her work as a full time child carer. She also experiences urgent frequency to pass urine with no real warning. All in all, she has felt very unwell for all this time , and it would appear her employer is not sympathetic with her health or welfare, and have insisted her being in attendance, despite her not feeling well . She is a single parent, so I can apperciate her dilemma and concerns in keeping her job, however I have reminded her that her health should take priority over work.

She did persist with the GP and insisted to be referred to other specialists for second opinions  by way of a colonoscopy (16/06/17) and X ray on her back, but she claims again there was very little feedback from the GP.  At this point the change to the new GP was made , which has been successful  and information now seems to be emerging as to what had  been found. I  requested from her, any letters or paperwork appertaining to events surrounding the operation and any other investigations that have been done to ascertain why she is in constant pain, and feeling so unwell .

She has supplied me with  a report of her colonoscopy :

This identified a small cyst on the right kidney and a left sided uterocele , and small fibroids . She also insisted on an X ray on her back because of the ongoing pain ,(27/07/17).

The second letter from the X ray (27/07/17)  indicates pain radiating from left flank ... and a  right sided STENT noted. ?  She attended a GP appointment to discuss this, and was given a locum who indicated the problem was arthritis and no other reason  and  prescribed her pain killers ??

The SECOND letter from the  hospital in London dated 18/10/17 confirms  and I quote " It would appear that she has been lost in the follow up . Although the neccessary protocols were adhered to but for some reason the stent had not been removed  and plan to admit her for stone removal in the near future " end quote

The last two letters confirms and indicates that having had the major operation some years back, the hospital had left a stent inside her and have failed to follow up with her to the extent in loosing her in the hospital system, which they have confirmed in writing.

In addition her GP has also failed to offer support , or be prepared to refer her back to a hospital  despite the ongoing appointments and pain that she had reported to her over the period of two years

I do feel this is a clear case of malpractice by the GP ad negligence by the hospital by leaving the stent in the first instance, and also the possible future complications that has/could cause since the operation

Having these letters to hand, I did take the opportunity to look into the symptoms of having stents left after a retroperitoneal procedure and it is quite evident that the pain, suffering, pain in the kidneys, groin and bladders , and leakage of urine and frequency to pass same , seems to be a direct link to what my sister in law has suffered over the past two years ... the findings also suggest that there could be ongoing complicactions through infection (which she has experienced ) and also the chance of calcification around the stent that makes removal difficult . In some instances there have been instances of mortality because of stents not being removed .  It also suggests that there should have been a support/ care regime should have been in place and explained to her, however as it has been confirmed she had been lost in the system this didnt occur and consequently she has been forced back to work far to early both by her GP and  her employer , leading to untold damage to her recovery as she has to carry children to and from classrooms and playgrounds as part of her duty . Further research indicates she should have been fully informed of her condition and should not be in a position in lifting heavy items (children) until her recovery was complete .

I would be grateful for any feedback  in this matter and if you  consider this to be a valid case of malpractice and negligence. and how the best way to move forward on her behalf

I have spoken to my sister in law tonight to confirm I would be  enquiring for further opinions  suggestions to which she has agreed , however now this all has come to light , she is concerned that if action is taken, that there may have repercussions on future or ongoing care / procedures , which she can do well without. perhaps you could give me your thoughts on this .  I am able to substantiate the documents I refer through copies of the originals in my possession.  My sister is resident in  London .