2 abandoned cars collide in the snow and ice.

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Gary Blackburn

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2 abandoned cars collide in the snow and ice.

I was travelling down a country road in the UK in a rear wheel drive car (terrible in the snow). My car was handling the road just fine as it was mostly downhill, however as I turned a corner towards the bottom of the road as it met back up with the main road, there is another car parked in the middle of the road. It turns out this car has been abandoned (but in the middle of the road rather than to the side).

This is on quite a steep hill, so I have stopped about 8ft short of the car, parked and got out to assess the situation (see if there is anyway I can squeeze past). It was going to be impossible to squeeze by as there was not enough space without my car having to put 2 wheels in a deep ditch to the right of the car - which would no doubt have left my car beached.

My wife went off to look for a tractor or someone who could tow me back up to the main road as trying to reverse up the hill my wheels were just spinning on the spot. I went to the nearest houses about a 2 minute walk, to look for help from the locals.

Upon returning to my car after about 5 minutes, my car had slid down the hill from where I had left it and collided with the abandoned car. So at the time of the collision there was nobody in either car!

I reported it to the local police and have spoken to the other driver who abandoned his car. Although there was only minor damage to both cars, it has caused an issue with my headlight and that needs to be replaced and the overall bill is coming in at over ?800.

If I were to contact my insurance, who would be at fault here? Me because technically my car struck his, or him because he abandoned his car in a dangerous place?

Your advice would be kindly appreciated.

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