Motorcycle accident

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Motorcycle accident

Hi I met with an unfortunate road accident while I was riding back home from
Work on my scooter, there was a care on my next lane which overtook my scooter
Without giving me an indicator, basically he cut cross my lane, there was no collision
I lost my balance and fell on the road and got my left arm injured, an ambulance came
And rushed me to the hospital, and I had a surgery after 7 days and it was multiple
Fracture, I made a police complaint, the driver of the offending vehicle was summoned
Then I approached a soliciting firm that specialises in scooter road traffic accidents,
The third party insurance company claimed liability and my claim is in process,
While my claim is in process soon after 2 months of my accident I had complications with
My gall bladder and I had a surgery to get that rectified, once that surgery was done
Soon after 2 months I was diagnosed with leukaemia I had chemo therapies to undergo
And it took me a good 6 months, while I was on these treatments my physiotherapiy for
My left shoulder was delayed, now I have got back to attending my physiotherapy sessions,
I‚??m beginning to feel better, they say I wouldn‚??t get compensated till I haven‚??t fully recovered,
Which I can understand, but in terms for my loss of earnings it‚??s been 2 yrs that I have been
Jobless and my solicitors are saying that the third party insurers may dispute this as I have had
Other complications like lukaemia and gall bladder which are not accident related. Can anyone
Please advice me on what would be the right solution for this?  All suggestions welcome and thanks in