shoulder and neck injury at work

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shoulder and neck injury at work

hey all, I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I I don't want to waste anyone's time. last year (30th june) I was told to work in a department I am not familiar with, there was no supervisors or first aiders in the factory because it was a night shift. at about 4am I was told to move 2 stacks of pallets at the same time, these where 14 and 15 high from the work area to to the dispatch area. there was general mess on the floor but also a man hole cover with holes in the floor all around it, I had no choice but to go over the holes, one of the pallets was also broken at the bottom. as soon as I went over the holes all the pallets came falling down and hitting my left arm, hand, side of the head and shoulder. nobody came to see if I was ok and I had to drag myself from all the wood. I went to someone who likes to call himself senior operator and told him what happed - his response to me was your no good to me know, by this time I couldn't move my left arm and I had cuts and scrapes starting to show so I had to ask if someone could take me to the hospital........ I was new to the area, and moved from Manchester to Hampshire, I also didn't drive. nothing was broken but the nerve in my shoulder was trapped and have been on different medications ever since. I was off work 5 weeks 3.5 paid for by the company I work for the rest they took out of my holiday allowance without permission, we are open 365 days a year so they me with just enough for xmas. last Friday morning wanted to know why I had been asking where the accident book was and that, told me I need to run thr machines faster and was basically just offish with me for no reason.

Monday I went to the doctors  and gave me even more meds to try until my physio came through, one of the meds was a strong antidepressant and advised me to rest for 7 days but say this could be with me for life now

I know I said I wouldn't ramble on and have so sorry for that, however there is lost more to the story so feel free to ask away if you think it will help, but does anyone have any suggestions? I am in constant and my mood is getting lower by the day