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Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place I just didn‚??t have a close where to post it

Hi so a few months ago I fell in hospital and broke my hip and had to have a full hip replacement now I sought advice and reluctantly made a claim for compensation now I say reluctantly because the nhs is a god send and I know it might sound abit hipocritical but my injuries was significant now I received a report from the a few days ago and in a section of it it says mistakes made with your care or delivery of service now it had 5 points in it number 1 is the used a hoist when they should have used a scoop to get me off the floor, number 2 is I fell at 8pm and the doctor made me wait till 10am for an X-ray, number 3 is they didn‚??t follow the falls protocol, number 4 is they deemed me no risk when i was a high risk having fractured my hip in the past and number 5 is i wasn‚??t regularly monitored. It also says they have sent all staff who was involved in my care on 5 different courses to update them on protocol the whole report is so confusing me. I‚??m just wondering if anyone thinks i has a chance of getting any compensation thanks.